Direct Marketing to Grow Your Online Business * Basic Ideas

Direct Marketing to Grow Your Online Business * Basic Ideas

Grow your online business cost effective and stay profitable in long run using direct marketing approach. Instead of spend on online advertisement you can create unrefusable free products/services that main goal will be to acquire new customers and build long term relationship before presenting your actual offer. 

This way spend lots of time up front and some case money to build a free offer. But after that your free offer will take care of your marketing and brand building. Make sure to create a low cost offer that is not expensive that will take big chunk of your profit. 

Once your free offer is available online (offline too) make sure to build leads (database) of your free users (non paying customers). After that communicate with them directly in regular basic which could be email, post card, chat bot etc. Communication must be direct and personalized so your customer can feel specials.*/*/

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